The Malta Rugby Football Union is the sole recognised governing body for Rugby Union in Malta. The Goal of the Union is to facilitate the playing and growth of Rugby Union in Malta, from Grassroots to High Performance, both locally and in international competition.

The MRFU aims to grow the sport locally, working to provide better facilities for its members and supporters, with the ultimate aim of attracting more people to the sport and local clubs.

Over the coming years, the MRFU will strive to expand its local competitions, creating an inviting community for all aspects of the sport not just for senior as well as it’s presence in international competitions with the intention to bring results for Malta.


Rugby in Malta was not always the popular sport it is today. The revival of rugby in Malta began in the year 1982, which saw the introduction of domestic club competitions and a few international opponents which were passing through on Naval ships.

With the new millenium came new ambitions and opportunities. In the Spring of the year 2000 the Union joined the International Rugby Board and shortly after, Maltese rugby was represented in the Rugby World Cup preliminaries for the very first time. The next few years saw the introduction of the Malta Rugby League, the Cisk Lager League Championships and Women’s Rugby as we know them today.